After dark surprise

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I’m pretty sure the kids will like this idea, not only because you’ll surprise them (and kids love surprises!), but also because it will mean they can stay up a little past their bedtime!


For this activity, you won’t need a specific list of supplies. You can prepare this surprise using things you have at home and adapt it to your child’s preferences.

Here are some supplies you could use:

  • pillows and blankets (to create a cozy space)
  • a flashlight (for reading in the dark)
  • your child’s favorite drink or snack
  • a book to read together
  • a photo album with family photos (that is great for sharing old family memories)
  • your child’s favorite stuffed animals
  • fairy lights (to make your cozy space look even more inviting).

How to prepare the after dark surprise

  • If possible, prepare the supplies you’ll need for the surprise during the day and put them in a box to have them at hand in the evening.
  • Follow your family’s bedtime routine as usual until the kids are in bed.
  • Prepare the surprise while the kids are in bed: create a cozy space, add lights, prepare a book or a photo album (and a flashlight), bring some drinks and snacks to enjoy together.
  • When everything is ready, go to your kids and let them know you have a surprise for them. Invite them to the cozy space you prepared and enjoy some fun time together.

Here are some activities you can try:

  • Read a book in the dark using a flashlight.
  • Look through old photo albums and tell them stories from when they were younger.
  • Share a few funny stories from your childhood with the kids and invite them to share their funny stories as well.
  • Enjoy the snacks and drinks while taking turns sharing some of your favorite memories (favorite family memory, favorite vacation memory, favorite Christmas memory, favorite birthday memory, etc).
  • Ask the kids what is one fun thing you could do together in the dark and follow their lead.

Enjoy and have fun!

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