“Pass the drawing” game

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This easy drawing game is great for connecting with your kids through creativity!


  • paper
  • drawing supplies
  • a timer


  • Every participant in the game gets one paper with their name on it and sits around a table. Place all the drawing supplies at hand on the table so that everybody can easily access them.
  • Set the timer for one minute. Every participant gets one minute to start a drawing by adding a few elements on the paper.
  • When the timer dings every participant passes their drawing to the person who sits next to them on the table. Every participant will have a new drawing in front of them, and the timer starts again for one minute.
pass the drawing game
  • Repeat these steps for several rounds and give all participants a few opportunities to add elements to all the drawings. Get creative and have fun!
  • At the end of the game, check out how all the drawings turned out.

Variations of this game:

  • Set the timer for only 30 seconds and have a quick drawing game.
  • Ask each participant to choose a different drawing or painting supply to use in the drawings so you can easily see what every participant drew. (e.g., one participant can only use markers, one can only use crayons, one can only use paint, etc)
  • Ask each participant to choose one color and only use that color in all the drawings. This will make it easy for everyone to see what every participant drew.
pass the drawing game

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